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Stanley Rockafella
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Originally Posted by Wschnitz View Post
My argument was always to walk to the bay door, and look at all the unsold cars and empty service lot, then walk back in and sit down.
If it's got tits or tires, it's gonna cost ya!

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Who do you work for(company)?
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DEV0 E30
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Originally Posted by nomansland92 View Post

Haha sorry I had to...

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I can't breathe
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Originally Posted by F34R View Post
Who do you work for(company)?
Its a retirement planning firm in Southern California, for their own sake (and possibly my own) I will leave their name out of this

Originally Posted by DEV0 E30 View Post
I can't breathe
ease up on the auto-erotic asphyixiation!

just put my 2 weeks notice in, already got another job offer, but still have another job interview coming up somewhere else, just in case.

I should ask what their policy is on internet usage

Originally Posted by ReallyDirtyThirty View Post
Just keep pushing it in... when you think you can't push it in any farther, push harder.
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