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ChuckNE 07-06-2017 07:24 AM

Touring suspension question
New touring owner with worn out suspension and have a quick question. Looking at realoem springs for the front of touring are same as standard e30 but rears are touring specific. I do see that H&R does make a set of springs for touring. What is the general consensus for springs? What are you running? Thanks

mxtx 07-07-2017 06:58 PM

i went down same path about a month ago — had US H&R sport springs (blue) but my rear was sagging and rubbing.

1. make sure your springs are properly rated for a touring, not sedan/coupe, as the touring trunk needs a higher rated spring to hold the weight.
2. make sure your springs are properly rated for a 4-cyl/6-cyl depending on your motor, same idea.

H&R european site lists this info for E30 Touring:
"SPORT PERFORMANCE SPRINGS 29684-1: year: 87>95 | 2WD | Lowering VA: 30 | Lowering HA: 30 | Comments:6-Zyl"

Actual springs I received were Red colored and marked with:
Front: 29684 VA & Rear: H&R 29684 HA

I know here in the US H&R's red colored springs are "Race" and blue's are "Sport" however from what I gathered, eurospec has a different system.

My car feels great now — zero rub, and zero sag in the rear, even when fully loaded.

Use the part number or the number on the springs to search for them.

Good luck.

ChuckNE 07-07-2017 07:11 PM

Great info. Thanks. How is ride height? What shocks are you running with them? My car arrived with some yellow aftermarket springs with spring coil "blocks" in the rear...car sits way low which I'm hoping the h&r a fix.

mxtx 07-07-2017 07:21 PM

still running the black Bilstein B4's the car had when purchased - had to cut the front bump stops to allow for full travel. was very bouncy at first until i did that but feels fine now.

i like the ride height a lot — for me i prefer more a more tuned oem look than a stanced or slammed look.

i actually raised my rear even a few more mm's with thicker spring pads from E36 since i use my touring often with a lot of weight in the trunk — i like having the utility of a wagon.

i would be curious on going Bilstein B6's some day . . .

dooce 07-13-2017 09:36 AM

are the touring rear springs not the same as the verts? I was always under the impression they were.

ChuckNE 07-25-2017 07:35 AM

According to realoem rear touring springs are unique to the touring. Maybe vert rates are close but can't answer that directly. I ordered the h&r from above but have yet to install

Djmack 09-19-2017 09:17 AM

I can tell you that tourings are slightly heavier in the rear. if you are going for stock springs, a vert setup may be the way to go. if you're going coil overs. like BC, I can tell you from experience that the rear must be 8k or 10k barrel springs. i tried BC's stock e30 spring setup which was 6k coil springs in the rear, and they overloaded almost instantly.

earthwormjim 10-02-2017 01:05 PM

Speaking from experience, you for sure need heavier duty rear springs for a touring, and/or possibly longer springs.

I originally went with the stock Ground Control setup for sedans, the rear had WAY too much travel, and I had hardly any adjustable range left on the rear height adjusters. With 5.5 inch long, 475lb/in rear springs, I had to have the collar all the way to the top, and a 12mm spring pad just to keep the rears from tucking. 1 passenger in the back would cause my wheels to scrape the wheel liners.

Ended up getting 6.5 inch long, 550lb/in springs to keep the rear in check.

Even if a touring doesn't weigh more than a sedan, it's weight distribution is completely different with respect to the rear axle. Way more of the weight in a touring is all the way in the back of the car, several feet past the rear axle. This creates a much larger moment for the springs to counteract. A good portion of the rear weight in a sedan and/or coupe, is directly above the axle.

restart 01-28-2018 08:20 AM

I am looking for new shocks/springs for my touring and wonder....
Any recent updates, new info, from touring owners that have gone to H&R/Bilstein combination?

getouth 01-28-2018 08:56 PM

H&R + billy's will always work, I had them on mine before switching to coilovers, add some drophats for a great daily setup.

restart 01-28-2018 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by getouth (Post 4866361)
H&R + billy's will always work, I had them on mine before switching to coilovers, add some drophats for a great daily setup.

Which bilsteins did you use? With a slight drop.

getouth 01-28-2018 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by restart (Post 4866364)

Which bilsteins did you use? With a slight drop.

Bilstein B8ís

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restart 01-28-2018 10:01 PM

Ok. I was thinking sports from reading the threads insuspension section. I will look at the b8..

restart 01-28-2018 10:02 PM

Ps, what did you do with your old ones....for sale?

getouth 01-28-2018 10:04 PM


Originally Posted by restart (Post 4866370)
Ps, what did you do with your old ones....for sale?

Sold them a while back. I have these for sale.... perfect for daily driver


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