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i went down same path about a month ago — had US H&R sport springs (blue) but my rear was sagging and rubbing.

1. make sure your springs are properly rated for a touring, not sedan/coupe, as the touring trunk needs a higher rated spring to hold the weight.
2. make sure your springs are properly rated for a 4-cyl/6-cyl depending on your motor, same idea.

H&R european site lists this info for E30 Touring:
"SPORT PERFORMANCE SPRINGS 29684-1: year: 87>95 | 2WD | Lowering VA: 30 | Lowering HA: 30 | Comments:6-Zyl"

Actual springs I received were Red colored and marked with:
Front: 29684 VA & Rear: H&R 29684 HA

I know here in the US H&R's red colored springs are "Race" and blue's are "Sport" however from what I gathered, eurospec has a different system.

My car feels great now — zero rub, and zero sag in the rear, even when fully loaded.

Use the part number or the number on the springs to search for them.

Good luck.
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