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Originally Posted by rustneversleeps View Post
I was going to say wrong person but ya I'll have to take it apart again for the fourth i think i have it down pat now and removing it in about 15mins ....
but thanks for the info I'll really take a closer look at the PCB this time like i did ever other time i did take it apart...that is why i think the whole speedo crap out and just try a new speedo.....
But the speedometer works fine as all my other stuff works just the odometer is not working.Suppose to be nice tomorrow so i'll check and take pics this time....
Did you ever resolve your odometer issues?

I replaced the gears on mine and tested that the trip and odometer indeed did turn over manually using any of the gears. I button everything back up and the miles do not turn over.

I pulled the cluster out (AGAIN) and double checked all the gears were lining up and once again no miles are being updated after driving a few miles.

I did notice the cluster had a bit of an electrical burn smell but I didn't see any traces or solder lifted, I figured this is normal for a 30 year old car.

Any ideas from anyone on what could be the culprit?
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