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Of the multiple hundreds of odometer repairs I have done over the past 7 years, the single most common issue is poor installation of replacement gears. I've seen even highly skilled professional mechanics mess up the installation by forgetting things such as cleaning the posts the gears rotate on or cleaning the door that protects the gears. If the gears fit too snug on the posts, relief some material from the ID of the gears so they spin easily. No too much or you will have to buy new gears.

Also, check the gears for extra burrs and make sure there is no residue from the old gears. Make sure the gears are assembled correctly, VDO brand gears are particularly easy to mess up.

Also VDO speedometers are super common to fail because the circuit board needs to be refurbished.

IN the end, it is sometimes worth it to send it to a professional like us so that we can do the job right the first time and provide you warranty for 3 years. Far cheaper than taking your cluster in and out multiple times on multiple days.
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