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Speaking from experience, you for sure need heavier duty rear springs for a touring, and/or possibly longer springs.

I originally went with the stock Ground Control setup for sedans, the rear had WAY too much travel, and I had hardly any adjustable range left on the rear height adjusters. With 5.5 inch long, 475lb/in rear springs, I had to have the collar all the way to the top, and a 12mm spring pad just to keep the rears from tucking. 1 passenger in the back would cause my wheels to scrape the wheel liners.

Ended up getting 6.5 inch long, 550lb/in springs to keep the rear in check.

Even if a touring doesn't weigh more than a sedan, it's weight distribution is completely different with respect to the rear axle. Way more of the weight in a touring is all the way in the back of the car, several feet past the rear axle. This creates a much larger moment for the springs to counteract. A good portion of the rear weight in a sedan and/or coupe, is directly above the axle.
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