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How to install US ELLIPSOIDS using my plug and play connector set!

As you might know I sell plug and play connector sets to convert your factory sealed beam E30 to US ellipsoids with no cutting or splicing of any wiring! A cheap and simple solution to your headlight upgrade. After doing an install for a friend using these connectors, I decided to make a quick DIY post about it.



Step 1, remove grilles. Three clips on top edge of grille and one phillips screw in each bottom corner of grille:

Step 2, remove headlight assembly. The large phillips screws. Carefully unplug headlights:

Step 3, install plug and play connector in to high beam socket. Brown wire always goes to brown wire, this is ground:

Step 4, install plug and play connector in to low beam socket. Brown wire always goes to brown wire. The factory low beam connector has slots for three wires, with your ellipsoids only two will be used. The NON-brown color wire goes in the socket closest to the brown wire, as shown:

Step 5, plug your wiring connectors in to your US ellipsoid light bulbs:

Step 6, install your US ellipsoid assembly in to place. It's a good idea to double check that your lights and light bulbs work before tightening it down in there:

Step 7, reinstall your headlight grille using three clips on op and one screw on each side at the bottom:

That's it, you're done! Hope that writeup will help you guys out, and thanks for buying my connectors!

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