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Ah I didn't see your reply there.

Things have progressed in the last few weeks with many questions to work through. But generally the engine is running well and getting good fuel economy. The same if not better than OEM. So that's a food start.

I had not considered the effect of injector delay having an effect on duty cycle. Makes sense. I think I will leave it how it is for now. I plan to buy some modern injectors in the future (planned turbo) so I'll just deal with what I've got now. The 100% duty is not affecting anything so it's not a.big deal I dont think.

I'm having all sorts of dramas with the engine idling at 14.7 in the morning (no traffic and nice and cool). But then in the afternoon in stop start traffic it approaches 16:1 and starts to stumble. The air is hotter so less dense so I would think it should be richer not leaner. I've disabled the air temp correction and it still seems to do it a little bit. I've only noticed it in the last few days as I have been taking a different route home. I need to do some.more logging I think and look at the numbers.
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