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Originally Posted by bradmer View Post
The pasted in photos below were gathered from r3v members in my search to understand how to install the fuel accumulator on my rig. It appears to work for both single and dbl pump systems, as my 87 325i with a dbl pump system works just fine. The car has a 24v s52 with all CA smog equipment installed.

I installed the CARR Industries unit which is much smaller than the one you are considering, doesn't look like they make or sell it anymore though.
Perhaps an enterprising soul could get a 3d printer and start making them?

As mentioned above there is very little room under there to mount anything.

I did a quick 3D print design and printed out a proof of concept piece using a nylon filament.

Unfortunately the nylon dissolves in gas (tested it over a few days), and I don't have access to any more "hardcore" filaments with this particular printer.

There was also the question of having to find a way to epoxy some brass fittings etc.

Meanwhile I ordered the Ford unit, so more to follow when I receive it!
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