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Originally Posted by TeXJ View Post
Question, so I bought the car(in my sig) already swapped. Been having issues mainly with the MAF and not sure it's getting the correct signal.

So are you selling the engine harness complete or is it an adapter that goes from the factory m52 engine harness to the e30 chassis harness?

What I'd like is a new engine harness to replace the previous owner's "work".

m52b28, obd1

I sell mainly the adapters that join the 24v harnesses to the e30 chassis.
However, I am also able to modify your 24v harness.
If you would like, I can take a look at your harness and make sure all of the wiring is fine.
If you're getting MAF codes, I would suggest looking for vacuum leaks, the smallest leak can trigger a MAF code (such as your oil dipstick oring).
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