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Originally Posted by 328ijunkie View Post
I feel as though i have been supportive. I again cant go in there and give away everything that makes me a living at the end of the day but i am helpful if youve read the thread... And nando those files are NOt stock.

Trust me, it wouldn't hurt you. GM has had open source tuning for decades and people still have us tune and buy chips/flashes. A lot of people read these threads and have no idea what a definition, bin hex address is etc. They are just looking for a cheap way to flash out EWS etc when in reality they will spend the same on equipment/time to do it in the first place. In the end, open source and file sharing is what gets these hacks/codes opened up more rapidly.

Think of it this way. We (my friends/shop) have been playing with OBD1 stuff since about 2000 (mostly GM etc), how long was it before only "elite hackers" had chip files for the m20 14yrs ago?
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