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Stubborn misfire

I recently replaced all the vacuum lines and gaskets on the intake side of my m20 along with adjusting the valves for the 3rd time (they are still quite noisy. I adjusted at the eccentric and the cam). Itís got a pretty good miss when itís cold but as it warms up it starts to go away but not completely. Pulling the spark plug wires changes the idle on all 6 cylinders. I donít have any vacuum leaks (I did a smoke test) and Iím starting to get stumped. Iím down 20 psi on compression cylinders 5-6. Could that cause this? Itís only at idle. Also if you rev it and let off the throttle it stumbles and acts like itís gonna die but then catches itself. Itís got some cheap plug wires on it too which I want to replace along with the cap and rotor. Anyone have any tips?
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