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Originally Posted by ForcedFirebird View Post
The dual pump setup works well, except we were killing the driver side pumps since they were just running wide open all the time (not sure if you did the tee method, or pumped from driver to passenger). We do 12-24hr races, so the extra capacity was a bonus. We still run out of fuel at Daytona at 1hr 45min, most other tracks we can make a full 2hr.
Is that on M20?

Last 14hr race we did on my car, M20 stock except for cam/injectors/chip, was getting 1:30 per stint at the Ridge. And while we could only dump 10 gallons (almost 12 with our bumped out cans) we never had starvation issues. Even with an extended yellow and going a couple 1:45 stints.

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