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Originally Posted by fronton View Post
No way! How many mm did you shave off? Any pics of the airbox alone or before the booster went in? I wish I had a spare to mess with first.
Regretfully I didn't take many pics of the swap in progress , and none of the airbox alone ... I could take you a crappy pic of how it looks as it sits but you wouldn't see much..

Having a spare would be nice for you to have for a first time but if you're careful you will be able to do it... just don't take too much, little at a time,
It is pretty safe but taking too much wouldn't be nice

I don't have any spec on how much was shaven off either .. as I said , I just didn't document this swap as much as I now would have wanted too =(

EDIT: you just shave the edge off so that it "floats" with the booster , going around it ...
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