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I'm fairly certain the dyno wasn't calibrated properly. I instructed them to take it to 7k and the dyno chart stops around 6. With the rpm adjustment i was in the mid 170s whp. One of these days I want to take it to another dyno shop and get the tune checked out and re-do a pull.

The last few months I was having an issue with my megasquirt where I would get no spark. After replacing the BIP373 and poking around with a multimeter for hours I determined that there was a bad lead on the adapter board between the spot where the spark output was soldered in and the actual output to the wiring harness for pin 1. I soldered in a jumper wire and she worked like a charm.

Also got the bluetooth mod done on the megasquirt in the meantime, so I've enjoyed tuning my 30 year old SOHC car via bluetooth. I mean it IS 2018 haha.
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