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Originally Posted by Jaxx_ View Post
I am using a bosch 3 wire IAC from a 325i.

I am using a EDIS 36-1 wheel and VR sensor for crank, Nissan VG30 TPS sensor, cherry hall sensor from DIY autotune for cam(installing soon), GM open air IAT sensor, and factory coolant sensor. I am using the regular 3 bar MAP sensor from megasquirt.

Wideband is a Bosch LSU 4.2 driven on a 14point7 SLC DIY1. I will eventually move to a spartan and possibly do EGTs, but that's down the road.

For other items, I am using ebay pressure transducers for oil and fuel, and a GM sensor for oil temperature--it came off a saturn and is 1/8" NPT. My flex fuel/ethanol sensor is a continental sensor from GM, it came out of an impala in the junkyard. I am using the factory reed switch/diff sensor for speed, and factory float for fuel level.
Thanks man! Is the Nissan tps a direct fit? I AM looking for clean fit parts making IT look like IT should be there

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