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Megasquirt Timing and Fuel Map Thread

Originally Posted by Fraser View Post
No kidding- I know you mentioned early it's "mostly stock", but what all is done to this motor?

So far I have deleted the maf, and have a 3" intake

long tube equal length headers and 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust with magnaflow resonator 53956 and sport muffler 10416.

Febi HD new version rocker arms, and schrick 284 cam.

New Greenish blue timing belt and bmw tensioner is a good one can't recall the brand

Ac and power steering deleted about to do a serpentine belt conversion too

RHD 7.5lbs flywheel and clutch masters clutch

23.5 lb pink top injectors

Walbro 255 pump

GM intake air temp sensor

Square Motorsport e36 tps adapter and bmw e36 tps

Mega squirt 2 now tuned by solani performance of mcallen texas [emoji108]

AKG Motorsport red motor and trans mounts

AKG Motorsport short shifter with AKG DSSR

Clutch fan delete with flex a lite 16" fan and controller

Turner Motorsport coolest mod (nut where fan clutch was)

New bmw coil

IRE 8mm wire set

AEM wide band with controller

New bmw narrow band

Bosch r6 plugs

2.93 lsd medium case with aluminum front mounts and green urethane rear mount

All urethane bushings everywhere

UUC sway bars

H and R race springs on bilstein b8's

Z3 rack with garagistic install kit

Garagistic solid steering coupler

Garagistic strut tower bars and rear shock reinforcement

Condor center vent gauge mount with bosch gauges

Steering wheel from Bulgaria

Deleted all hvac system

Sparco corsa front seats with 4 point harnesses

I guess that's more than the motor there is lots more to it. And more to come. I have the turbo manifold on the way [emoji16]

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