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Originally Posted by wworm View Post
no idea about exhaust, looks like you're gonna be the pioneer with that info. As far as engine harness goes, it's probably the same considering a z3 is considered an e36. You probably already have checked, but realoem probably has that info

I guess I'll either learn it the hard way or find that it fits!

The engine mount arms are identical to an e36 and the front suspension seems to be exactly the same, so I don't see why the manifolds wouldn't be the same, yet they have different part numbers.

The Z3 M44 exhaust manifold is identical to the e30's, I know that has about zero correlation or weight but here's hoping!

I ended up chopping up the z3 harness in the process of getting the damn thing out (my first motor pull) so I ordered and received an e36 harness to eliminate some of the guess work.
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