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After having gotten to drive my car swapped , it is a ton of fun, but its also an expensive swap and an S50 swap would have had me driving the car 2 years ago. For bang for the buck, S50 would be best. For a really different and rare car , S38. Also an S38 NA would out pace an S50 swap all day, but for how cheap turbo kits are for the S50/M50 engines it wouldn't be hard to turn the S50 into 400 hp easily. It's all in what you want, I love the ballsy feel of the torque and rush of acceleration, but its also heavier , and more expensive to maintain. But you do already have the motor in and installed. If you are looking for funds to finish the car , then I would sell it , buy the S50 and get the car driving to enjoy it. If you are just hurting for time, wouldn't taking the whole motor out and swapping in another be that much more difficult than installing some subframe spacers and getting a driveshaft done ? I had my driveshaft made by a semi-mechanic near my work, fantastic work and under $500 I believe. Just need the flange to the trans and rear half shaft and they made it and balanced everything for me.

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