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No idle ffs tried everything issue started after mspnp2 install

OK so I installed my mspnp2 kit today. Downloaded firmware and onstage base tune. The bitch would not idle at all. I fiddled with some variables in the ms system and nothing. So I decided to swap back to my original dme. When I did, still no idle. Idk wtf happened. I'm gonna check the tps in the morning.

Also if anyone is remotely familiar with this ms tuning please hit me up. I'm trying to get this thing ripping. It's running decent on the ms base tune. I'm installing a wide band Guage and all that tomorrow as well. But I need to get this idle issue sorted out quick! I gotta run 3 sisters next weekend!!! Ah!

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Have you verified your timing? Do you have good crank position signal? What about IAC control, is it working right, are you using one?

If it won't idle it's either IAC, Fuel, or Timing.
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