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Fish Milk
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Trouble getting fan clutch off for timing belt replacement

Hi so I've taken the project of doing the timing belt replacement myself along with replacing the water pump and accessory belts. Every guide I've seen so far has a different looking area but about the same one way or another. So I've taken it into my own noob hands that has never done mechanic work in my life to make things work somehow like skipping ahead of steps listed in any of the guides I've watched but I'm now stuck not knowing how to take the fan clutch off, from what I've seen most guides that don't use the special fan removal tool take off one of the 10mm bolts on the water pump pulley behind the clutch then putting their 32mm wrench and pulling towards them. Now it seemed like my wrench was a bit too thick so I took off all of the 10mm bolts on the pulley behind it so that I could put my wrench over it and keep turning it in the reverse threaded motion everyone keeps mentioning. But after I removed all the 10mm bolts the fan just moves loosely clockwise and counterclockwise so I don't know what to do. I don't believe I broke anything it just became loose once the pulley came loose behind it.

Last edited by Fish Milk; 06-12-2019 at 05:08 PM. Reason: changed alternator pulley to water pump pulley for correctness
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I think you still want a few of the bolts in the pully to keep that from spinning. I used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpPm...youtu.be&t=240 as a guide to remove it.

It sounds like its just spinning free on the pump now. Is the belt still on?
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Put the bolts back in, shave your wrench down to fit. Or get the correct fan clutch tools, it'll probably need to be off again at some point anyways.

Also, if you're having trouble with step 1, maybe a timing belt is a bit too advanced...
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Old 06-12-2019, 09:14 PM   #4
R3V Elite
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You really want the pulley/belt on when you remove the fan clutch as this gives you another way to hold the clutch/WP.

When I was a noob I used small locking pliers on the clutch nut and hit them with a hammer to break it free. Which is all you need to do. Remember, the fan clutch should move by hand with limited resistance.
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Old 06-16-2019, 07:57 PM   #5
Fish Milk
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thanks for all the tips and comments, i understand what to do for the rest of the timing belt/water pump replacement procedure and even if i wanted to give up i cant afford to pay someone else to do it for me right now, its been raining but im going to put the bolts back on then get the fan clutch removal tool so that it will be easier in the future.
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I dont see mention that the nut is a right hand thread
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Originally Posted by jeffnhiscars View Post
I dont see mention that the nut is a right hand thread
He did say "reversed thread".
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