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e30 s52 conversion drive shaft question

I have been looking for answer on this in reference to the drive shaft. The question i have is can I use the front half of an e46 manual trans on the e30 s52 conversion. Someone made reference they were the same length. Has anyone used this set up. Yes I know we can use the front of the 328 manual driveshaft. I am having trouble sourcing one and when I do people want $200+. I found one local on Long Island for $75 for an e46

Sorry I forgot to add I am using an e36 5 spd tranny

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I assume it is a getrag 250g?

I'd look for a 260g off another e30, it can handle the power and is well documented, plus they're cheap. You might be able to get the e46 trans to work but the effort and extra fabrication/uncertainty would outweigh the price savings imo.

Just my .02...
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I believe it is the ZF320 transmission, I am running it in my car, and actually got a driveshaft from a euro e30 324td (d?). It works well and just bolts up, you don't even have to flip the CSB. I know that a 325e driveshaft would work as well.
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