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Originally Posted by Aleman View Post
This one might be worth a look. There are many unknowns that could be answered upon inspection.

1987 BMW 535i - $1500


Hey All,
This is my project car 1987 BMW 535i. I bought this car initially as my daily driver with 145,000 miles on it and it did serve me faithfully for the first 6 months and 2,000 miles of ownership. However, as the state of various systems regarding comfortability and driveability began to deteriorate, I purchased something newer and more reliable, with admittedly less character. Seeing as I had a new daily driver, I set my mind to a multitude of project car dreams. Whether that was track rat or OEM restoration, none of these ideas came to be.

Although my dreams of the perfect E28 were cut short because of school and job commitments, yours may become true! After getting my motorcycle endorsement, I really want a motorcycle and getting my E28 out of my driveway will be the first step towards that. I will now detail the condition of the car as well some parts I have to give the car the push it needs.

The M30B34, 3.4 liter inline 6 cylinder engine is a torquey, sweet sounding engine when running properly. When this engine ran, it would sing smoothly to its 7,000rpm redline but this was not frequently necessary as this engine utilized its torque advantage, providing for a thrusting low-mid rpm power range. However, it does not run currently. Throughout my ownership, the starter motor was fault and would require multiple cranks of the ignition to fire. After putting off the dreaded starter replacement on M20s and M30s, I decided to attempt to replace it a month back. This attempt did not end in success, hence why the starter is partially disconnected from the engine, and is the reason why the engine will not crank currently. Additionally, there is a small oil leak from the valve cover gasket. There is no smoke from the oil leaking onto the headers and it does not leak enough oil, or burn enough for that matter, to make a difference in the oil levels of the engine. A new OEM exhaust was installed a week prior to my purchasing of the car.
The Getrag 260, 5 speed manual transmission fitted to the car works exceptionally. Coming from the truck like transmission of my previous car , a 91 Saab 900, this transmission shifts exceptionally smooth with a fairly long throw from gear to gear. The clutch engages fairly low, towards the floorboard, and seems to have plenty of life left. I was told by the previous owner that is was recently replaced, September 2016 at the time, with an Sachs Clutch.
The differential or drive-shaft do not make any noise out of the ordinary and function well. I am not sure whether the car is fitted with an open diff or an LSD, but my inclination is to say that it is open.

E28s use an independent front and rear suspension. The OEM springs and shocks are in good condition and ride well. It can be driven in a sporty manner and while it certainly has a fair amount of body roll, it grips nicely on good tires.
The hydroboost system on E28s is a fairly unique system in the way which the power steering and brake booster are linked through a belt system and a hydroboost "bomb". When I purchased this car, the previous owner claimed it had a fault brake booster. The "brake" warning light on the dash is constantly lit up, not just for the first few seconds after startup like a typical e28. The brakes have a weird bite point further down in the pedal travel, however they do stop adequately. I had no qualms about taking this car on the highway and having to stop in an emergency situation, so long as a properly following distance was maintained. The ABS systems work and engages well in low traction braking scenarios, although an 80's ABS is fairly primitive.
Another one of my projects was rebuilding the power steering pump. While I also completed this procedure by replacing all seals as well as the pilot bearing, a small c-clip is preventing me from reinstalling the power steering pump. Currently, the A/C and power steering drive belts have been removed. Therefore, the car does not have power brakes or power steering. Prior to my rebuild of the pump, it leaked profusely but the steering never suffered so long as I filled the reservoir up every 3-4 weeks. In fact, the steering was one of my favorite parts of the car because it loaded up nicely and provided great feedback through the wheel.

Tires and Wheels
Some E28s came from the factory with the TRX wheel and tire package. Looking similar to the US sized BMW Bottlecaps, TRX's used a metric sized wheel and tire. This ensured, terribly, that it was very pricey and difficult to find replacement wheels and tires. Speaking of replacements, the rear tires on my car are completely bald and are even showing cord in some places. The front tires are not much better being very dry rotted and fairly low on tread as well.

Interior and Exterior
The interior of this car is a place where it shines. This car was built as a Diamantschwarz Metallic colored car with a black comfort seat interior. Interior wise, this car is in immaculate condition save for the left passenger door seal and heating system. The left passenger door seal leaks, allow water to moisten the left passenger carpet area. After noticing this, I nervously checked for rust under the carpet and rear seats. Although there is admittedly some surface rust, none of it is in jeopardy of rusting through the floorboards. Pictured is a photo of the rear seat removed while I was checking for rust. I recently replaced the trunk seal to stop the leaking of water into the trunk. Dash is relatively crack free. All windows function except for the left passenger window. This car does have a full OEM trunk tool kit, which is fairly rare on used E28s. The heating and A/C systems do not function. I purchased the car like that and honestly have no idea what is wrong with it. I had an Alpine head unit installed by Mobile West in November of 2016 and they replaced the old amplifier as well.
The exterior has been left 100% stock. All headlights work and both tail lights should too, seeing as the trunk gasket has been replaced. Pictured are two scratches on the left, front fender which were already on the car when I purchased it. This car has a clean title and has not been in any accidents.

Parts that will come with the purchase of this car
Bosch SR442X replacement Starter Motor
3 Bosch Drive Belts for each respective drive belt size
Victor Reinz Valve Cover Gasket
OEM Coolant Hose
OEM Power Steering Hoses, two different sizes
WIX Oil Filter
Bosch WR9LS- Spark Plug Set
Haynes and Bentley 5 Series Repair Manual

I have set the price at $1500 and I am very firm on this price. I feel this price is fair because of the $500 box of parts as well as the fact that as sits an M30, 5 speed E28 is worth $1000 for the classic car persona which the car holds as well as the fact that with time and expertise, it could run well. I hate to be the craigslist seller who has to say that they are "firm" on price but I realize I am selling a non-running car and I want to be clear about what I want from this transaction .

The only trades I would except would be some sort of starter bike with a possibility of cash on my side depending on the bike: Ninja/CBR 250, Suzuki GS500/SV650, Dual Sports, or Cafe Bikes. If you have any questions about the car or when you can see it, feel free to text me and ask at show contact info ! I'm fairly flexible and can meet after school or on weekends.
For the price thats not too bad. I will say I hate when people cant even clean a car up a bit for pics. I think what drives me crazy the most is the crooked front plate, its like say Im not trying at all.
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Is this a good deal? I need a front bumper. Messaged the seller and this is the same color as my car...just seems high to me.
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1991 325ix AWD e30 Feeler - $6500 (Lake Forest)


I'm testing waters for my manual 1991 325ix e30.
This car is running great, the previous owner is a good friend of mine and took very great care of the car. He drove it to Utah and back, and I've been driving all the time with no problems. This is good for off-roading, rallying, or just all around handling.
I'm selling it because I have my e36 racecar that I would like to finish my building.

Pros: mostly stock and can easily be reverted to stock for a enthusiast or collector.
Clean title
5 speed
Runs perfect, no mechanical issues at all Bilstein Toyota Tacoma rear shocks with e36 springs
1 inch lift spacers in rear
Will come with a metal bumper with skid plate and light pods
Long tube headers
Yakima towers with custom made wood rack and hella light pods
1 of 4 Crimson red interior in great shape
New speakers all around

Cons: 260k miles
Steering wheel shakes a little at 70mph, probably FCAB
small crack in windshield

I'm really just testing waters here, I'm looking to sell for $6500 obo or trade. Possible trades for other BMWs or other fun cars/trucks. I.e.: e36, e34, e46, 2002, e90, e92, Datsun 240z, 260z, 280z, 520, 720, Nissan 240z, 240, 240sx, Mazda rx7, Jeep, etc
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Originally Posted by TeXJ View Post
Is this a good deal? I need a front bumper. Messaged the seller and this is the same color as my car...just seems high to me.
It IS high, but if the color is the same and the plastic isnt cracked it might be worth offering ~$300-350 or maybe $400 shipped
Originally Posted by ReallyDirtyThirty View Post
Just keep pushing it in... when you think you can't push it in any farther, push harder.
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Thanks, Yeah I was thinking of doing the $400 shipped.
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Received a message back from the guy,
"Must be firm at $400 + shipping for this item."

Guess he wants it more than me...
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tell him to suck it and find one elsewhere. they are not uncommon. plastic bumpers are worth about 200 bucks or so

Gigitty Gigitty!!!!

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Originally Posted by flyboyx View Post
tell him to suck it and find one elsewhere. they are not uncommon. plastic bumpers are worth about 200 bucks or so
I'd say $200 for front and rear with the support bar and signal lights. But maybe I'm out of touch.

Originally Posted by Jeremy Clarkson
The M42 is shit.
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Thanks guys! Yeah I'm passing.
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