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Save it or scrap it?

Long story made short. I bought this car about 10 years ago. 1989 with 142K miles, well-cared for with loads of new components, but it had been t-boned pretty hard. My brother picked it up for me and it drove very well (ie - straight).
I felt it too nice to part out, so I sold it. Fella was going to repair it, but life got in the way (new GF who became wife who became the mommy, etc). Car sat in garage and was started for a while, but has been idle the past 5 years or so.

Pics attached are from a decade ago. Car is about the same except for dust and the interior is a little musty from being in garage.
Current rust - battery box (not too bad), bottom of pass side fender (would replace) and the pass side front jacking point.
Frame appears unaffected by wreck, minor dimple/ripple on roof by the sunroof.

Curious what the group thinks on paying to have the rocker, B-pillar repaired vs parting it out.



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Race it. Join your local scca chapter.
Originally Posted by nando View Post
Auto and Manual ix's use the same driveshaft. There's no difference in lenght because the tailshaft of the transfercase is the same on both cars. The ix also has no csb.
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There is hardly any damage here, I would def save this one. Prices are going up so I'd
Say it's a good investment.
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Pics are not the best at showing the damage. The b-pillar and rocker are pushed in pretty far.
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The Dark Side of Will
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Get a pic of the B-pillar with both doors open. I bet it's crinkly. You wouldn't get a wave in the roof from an impact low on the side unless the B-pillar had moved.

OTOH, if the back door still opens and closes correctly, it may be worth while to fix.
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Save it!!!!!
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MR E30 325is
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I agree with Kershaw above.

Race the damn thing!
My previous build.

The Secret Santa 2017 has ended. Thank you to all who participated this year!
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Yep rally cross that thing its perfect for it. You wont feel bad if something happens cause in reality your giving it a new lease on life
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i think you could save that without a lot of trouble. i didn't catch if it was a manual? is the title salvage? i would go look for a sedan at the junk yard with an 18 volt sawzall and a couple extra batteries.

throw in a mig welder and paint. you will be good to go.

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We shed a tear whenever an E30 is destroyed or scrapped.

We openly weep when an IX meets its end.

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when the wife and kid drive you crazy... you can get out and drive your e30...

keep the car... fix it.
1990 e30 325i sedan daily driven

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