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Machine shop in Central Florida?

Okay so I'm building my first BMW...actually it's my first full build at all. This online community has been so helpful so far (even though I'm literally just beginning the build). It's an 89 325i sedan shell and I plan on dropping an S52 into it. I actually bought my S52 from fellow member Sh3rpak!ng who gave it to me at an amazing price and in my honest opinion could've gotten more. The block is still en route as it was just shipped Wednesday 😁. Anywhosle, I figured I'd begin planning everything out.

Short story shorter, I want to sleeve the block. Please don't tell me pros and cons or turn this into a debate. I just simply would like to know if anyone knows an excellent machine shop in Central FL or really anywhere in FL. Consider money not an option. I'm sparing no expense on this build so I want one of the best if not the best without having to send it out of state. My original instinct said Titan Motorsports in Orlando but I would like some other options.
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When I was looking for a shop in Charlotte I asked the dealer service dept who they sent their work to. Turned out to be a very cool old guy with no sign on his door who did great work on a couple of heads.

I'd ask your local dealer
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My local BMW dealers like to stay hush hush about the details lol
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If you are still looking give these guys a call. I attended the school of automotive machinist in Houston Tx with them. We have built everything you could dream up included the fastest and most powerful n/a ls motor. They can handle anything you need done. Ask for Mike and tell them Anthony sent you
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