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Getrag 260 shaft play and loud noises

Hey just wanted to get some feedback from anyone. I went to @e30austinís shop today because I felt some mild vibration from my trans/axle area in low rpm. Austin found that there was play in the trans. On the way home it started making noise when not accelerating in all gears and didnít really matter on the rpm. This trans is a getrag 260

1. Does anyone have an idea of why this play would exist?
2. Does anyone know someone in PNW that rebuilds these trans?

Here is a video of the noise,

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Getrag 260 shaft play and loud noises

You donít want to pay the cost of proper new bearings for a g265+ syncronizers + associated parts.

Realoem.com all the part numbers and hit up your favorite online vendor or dealership; it adds up extremely fast

Even if you had the skills to properly tear down and reassemble the g260 the tools to do it properly are another cost and puzzle.

I know this from actually doing it and do have the correct tools; the time involved is also not minimal

just junkyard another unit like R3v would expect.
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