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Misfire and loud valves/knocking sound

Help! I have adjusted the valves several times on my m20 at the eccentric and the cam. My valve noise is still super loud and it has quite a prominent misfire at idle. I have tried 0.010 and 0.008 clearances and nothing really helps. I have 20w-50 oil and the car has about 212k miles. Not sure if the head has been rebuilt before. I donít want to drive it the way it is but I really donít want to throw parts at it if it can be fixed without any. Any ideas? Also has a knocking sound when you rev the engine. I wish I could post a video but Iím not sure how lol
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have you checked the timing? i had a loud knocking/ticking from the top end that i couldn't make go away through valve adjustments... turned out the timing jumped 1 tooth forward. sounded like this:

before valve adjustment:

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Just out of curiosity, are you sure you were using the correct feeler gauge and didnt get the wrong one by accident? I say this as I have a set of feeler gauges that are metric/std and its easy to get them mixed up.
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With that mileage and an unknown history you could easily have worn eccentrics, cam and or rocker faces any or all of which could cause clearance issues.
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