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Grease Monkey
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1989 325is won't start please help

My e30 won't start i changed the fuel pump (fuel filter as well), coil, relay, fuses, i have fuel and spark but it is not starting... i bypassed the the relay and at one point it started for a quick second but i am kind of running out of ideas... any help?
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What is the rail fuel pressure when cranking? Have you checked for injectors firing with a noid light when cranking? When you checked for spark did you check all of the plugs?

If the rail pressure is okay and you have injectors firing and spark I'd suspect a large intake leak.
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Jim Levie, Huntsville, AL
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Simple test: Pull the intake boot and fire a short squirt of Easy Start into the intake - turn the engine over.

Does it start and run for a few seconds ?
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