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Old 06-05-2015, 11:57 AM   #1
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GearSwitch (Megatron)

So I bought an E30 Ultimate Cup Holder from GearSwitch and I have to say I am impressed. Here is what I liked:

1. Easy to install - just drops in to the slot on your ebrake center console.
2. Shipping & Packaging: It was first rate! It looked like a premium product with a special box, etc ...
3. Holds water bottles and Starbuck Coffee for the long E30 drives securely. If you have any thoughts it might not, it comes with five little adhesive dots that hold it uber securely.
4. Feels like a well made product that matches our E30 interiors really well. I will report back on how it lasts and works for me.

This thing had a cost of $99 plus $12.5 in shipping, so it was fairly expensive, however it was also comparatively priced to other options. It was also less expensive than a husco.

Communication was good from the seller, though I had to status him on my order. Once statused, he had excellent follow up and clear communication to when my order would ship (i.e. he had some power issues).

Thanks for making a great product that addresses a gap our cars Megatron!

My $0.02 is that I wouldn't hesitate to buy from again.
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Old 06-08-2015, 09:10 AM   #2
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I received my Ultimate Cup Holder from GearSwitch last week. Seller was excellent at providing updates throughout the production process and provided tracking number when the item shipped. My understanding is that this is an entirely new product designed and built from scratch by Megatron. Design is outstanding! Zero modifications required for installation of cup holder. Holder easily fits anything from large water bottles all the way down to slim Red Bull type drinks (w/additional energy drink adapter). I have been incredibly impressed with every aspect of this purchase and will soon be buying a second cup holder for my vert.

In addition to what I've said above I cannot in good conscious end this review without saying something about the packaging. The cup holder alone is incredible and I would've been thrilled with it regardless of how it was shipped as long as it arrived in one piece. Apparently bubble wrap and a USPS box alone weren't up to this sellers standards. Megatron has thought every aspect of this product through so thoroughly that the item was shipped in a carefully designed custom box complete with magnetic closure. Contents included not only the cup holder but a sticker with the GearSwitch logo and hand signed letter from the seller thanking me for my purchase and telling me a little about the company and his plans for the future.

In closing (TL; DR), if you need a cup holder for your E30 I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better, more thoughtfully designed product anywhere. I genuinely look forward to what GearSwitch/Megatron will offer for us in the future.

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Just ordered a cupholder from gearswitch. Item was custom made so took a little over a week. Once the order was complete I received text updates when it shipped, was out for delivery, and when it arrived. I love this cupholder! Worth the wait and price.
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