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Originally Posted by NbAmTwE View Post
Anyone run a 4.10 with G260+M50b25tu?
i have the 4.10 with an s52/zf and its a nitemare. Im scavenging the JY looking for a 2.93. i have plans for boost though. 3.25 would be sweet with the 260
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Originally Posted by TopOfTheLine89 View Post
I hate my 4.10. its only saving grace is that its a LSD. Also running a g240 so it's extra miserable. Probably a good auto x and drag setup but that's about it. Need to find a 2.93 LSD bad.
Actually the 240 has longer upper gears (not by much) i had a 4.10lsd with my g240 and wasn't impressed. Switched down to a 3.73lsd and it's a much more civilized gear, and still plenty fun.
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Originally Posted by Wh33lhop View Post
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started out with a 4.10/G260/M50TU. Fun, but annoying at the same time. too much shifting, but the car accellerated like a fuckin rocketship. swapped to a 3.73, better mileage, not as much fun. Now have ZF320 and 2.93. civilized, good mileage and can break loose when I WANT to, as opposed to ALL THE TIME.
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Originally Posted by GunMetalGrey View Post
Debating on grabbing a 2.93LSD for My m50 swap, running the gt260, m50b25tu, and cams soon. I would like to boost in the future. Would.the diff kill the NA motor?
hey man, come take a ride in my car sometime. I have a m50/g260 with 3.25 rear end.

I had a 3.73, which was way more fun, but was bad for highway driving. I swapped to a 2.93 for a little bit, pretty boring. The 3.25 with the m50/g260 is almost exactly the same as a 3.73 with m20/g250, just perfect for everyday drive-ability.

the 2.93 is going to get you great gas mileage, but not be very torquey. i guess it depends on how much highway driving you do. if you can find a 3.25 i would recommend that.
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I will roll down soon!
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Old 03-25-2012, 08:36 PM   #21
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M50NV + G260 and a 2.93 LSD = 60MPH in 2nd gear.

I just got my car together and I am in disbelief at how tall the gears are with this rear end in.

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It sucks balls, i have a ZF320 , I had a 2.93 , i hated it. put in a 3.25 , i love it now!
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Old 04-18-2012, 07:22 PM   #23
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I have a 3.73 I just pulled out of my E30 M3 s52 if anyone is interested.

I will post pics soon.

John K
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In looking at this thread again I find it funny,
You guys are saying that 60mph in second is bad.
My 318 with a 4.10LSD rear is 60mph in second, and pulls well through first and second.
Its also my daily, so the m50 will feel like a beast regardless, especially because it is turning into a 3.2l most likely.
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Originally Posted by lolcantturn View Post
Kind of? I got tired of it in the first day.

What is 1st gear "crawling" traffic on any regular gearing, you're shifting between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with a 4.10. Gets annoying QUICK. I can stayon 1st gear with my 2.79 in traffic with no problem and no annoyance.
I can't fucking stand doing that with tall gearing. Buzzing on the highway was annoying, but otherwise the gearing was great. What's the point of driving a manual if you don't want to shift it?
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I have m50NV + G250 + 3.25LSD and love it.
recommend this for everyday driving
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I enjoy zf 6 speed and 3.15-3.46 gearing.

any ratio between 3.15-3.46l is great for everything- gear 6 is overdrive for anti-buzzing and 1-5 are close spaced for fun. If you hate shifting in stop and go traffic you can just start in 2nd gear and use a 3.23 or 3.46 final
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I have a 2.93 in my boosted E30 - works great. Still wish I had a 6th gear though for highway cruising.... Haha

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