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S38b36 Fuel Injectors

I am doing a rebuild on the top end of my s38 and I have a few 24# injectors sitting around (new). I am contemplating swapping them in and decided to look at what the factory injectors run. Original injectors are the white/yellowed tops part number Bosch 13641317446; Or fuel injector number stamped on the side: 0-280-150-701. It looks like they are the same injectors as on the euro S50.

See http://www.fuelinjector.citymaker.co...low_Rates.html












So I looked at the injectors I have which are Accel with the better atomization head. I have 4 right now, brand new.


Accel 150124 Performance Fuel Injector
Products specifications
Driver Type 12 V saturated circuit
Fuel Rail O-Ring Outside Diameter (in) 0.574 in.
Injector Advertised Flow Rate (cc/min) 255.0cc/min
Injector Advertised Flow Rate (lbs/hr) 24 lbs./hr.
Injector Impedance 14.4 ohms
Injector Plug Style Bosch/Amp-style
Manifold O-Ring Outside Diameter (in) 0.573 in.
O-Rings Included Yes
Outside Diameter (in) 0.943 in.
Overall Height (in) 2.880 in.
Quantity Sold individually.
Seat to Seat Height (in) 2.270 in.
Wiring Harness Included No
Accel Performance Fuel Injector provides precise control of fuel delivery and atomization for increased power. It features high design impedance and utilizes a precision-ground pintle design to produce ultra-fine fuel atomization. This injector offers improved throttle response and enhanced fuel economy. This fuel injector facilitates easy installation with precision-molded O-rings and fine-mesh fuel strainers.

High design impedanceImproved burn efficiencyImproved throttle responseImproved fuel economyExcellent atomization of fuel
And some technical data. http://data.prestoliteperformance.co...ons_150124.pdf

Any thoughts on this or should I just send them out to be reworked?
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The Dark Side of Will
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If they physically fit, they're probably fine. Will you be running a performance chip? Custom dyno tune?
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I am not sure whether the ecu has a chip already but maybe eventually will have one. As of right now I am just wondering if it makes sense to replace the 25 year old injectors with new ones. No custom tuning beyond that at this point.
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