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ZF 320z popping out of 2nd gear

So I finished up my S50 swap a few months ago and it's been popping out of 2nd gear rather randomly ever since.

Typically, it will happen under high torque, high in the rev range. Often, it will happen under medium throttle around ~4500 rpm. Sometimes, it will just happen at 2000 rpm under low load. Usually when it happens if I shift back into 2nd it's fine. It'll stay there fine all the way to the redline.

For reference, the motor is mounted with revshift black mounts, the trans is mounted on garagistic urethane mounts which are torqued down way harder than they should be because i was concerned that the trans moving was causing the popping out of 2nd, and the rear of the shift arm carrier is mounted in a garagistic poly bushing. I replaced the white shifter bushing when I did the swap. I believe I have a 1.8 Z3 shifter as per the previous owner.

Tonight I tried taking the rubber boot and the suede shift boot off so I could video the shift carrier arm while it popped out, and the shift carrier arm didnt seem to move at all. I also climbed under the car and checked, the driveshaft does not interfere with the shift arm. I did notice that the shift carrier was really close to the top of the trans tunnel, possibly rubbing on the bottom of the rubber boot.

I've also flushed the trans with fresh Royal Purple Gl4 Synchromax.

I know this should be taken with a grain of salt, but the previous owner of this engine and trans said he had no issues with the trans...

Any thoughts, besides telling me that I need a new trans?
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I had a trans do this for a while, once-
I graunched the shift into 3rd badly, and then it
started popping out. However, after 2 or 3 months,
it settled down, and stopped doing it. I figured a chunk
of metal had gotten embedded somewhere ugly,
and it eventually got compacted down. Or pitched out.

So yes, you may need a new trans, but give it some time...

who wouldn't have believed transmissions 'heal' before that.
now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves
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I have the same problem but it only happens in fast right turns. I have solid trans & engine mounts.

I think mine is due to the chassis mounted shifter. Possibly a shift pin problem?
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