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Noise from rear, sounds like metal on metal, video

Specs: 1988 325 2.7L supereta automatic with 2.93 LSD, 108,000 miles.

Trying to figure out the source of the noise. It sounds like its coming from under the seat/subframe area. It happens any time I hit any little or bigger bump, speed doesnt effect it nor does turning. Riding the brakes doesnt change it nor does the ebrake being pulled.

Things replaced:
Rear subframe bushings, rear trailing arm bushings, differential mount bushing, brake lines (hard and soft), all bolts, bilstein shocks, IE stage 3 springs, shock tower reinforcement brackets, e-brake cables, brake pades, e-brake shoes.

I have been trying to figure this out. I thought maybe it was the exhaust so I fixed the hangers. Maybe a bolt came loose on the subframe, retorqued all of them and the sound is still there.

vvv Youtube video link vvv

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