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Recaro Seat Adapters by Garagistic

In quest of an ergonomically optimal seating arrangement for my e30, i had purchased a set of Recaro LX-C modular seats a while back and had installed them in my car using unknown/unbranded adapters that the seats came with. The result was ok but not exactly what i wanted. The adapters were too tall for my taste resulting in a higher seat base height than I preferred.

Garagistic's Recaro adapters appeared to be short and low profiled enough to bring my seat base closer to the carpet. So i picked up a set to give it a try and it surely lowered the seating height back to what i had originally intended. Build quality, fit and finish is superb in my opinion. Kit came with top quality hardware and spacers making installation a breeze onto the stock e30 sliders. The 4 mounting points on the floor lined up without breaking a sweat.

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Thanks for sharing! We just posted a video about these actually

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@ Garagistic. You realize that you have integrally copied Massive's design which has been offered for 10 years, Don't you? The adapters. The spacers. The bolts. You didn't even add a single improvement...

Brake harder. Go faster. No shit.



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I thought those looked familiar, love my brackets by Lee!
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Got mine from Lee, he's always been fantastic with customer service!
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