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E34 530i V8 auto Swap M62B44 5 spd manual

Hy, i have an E34 from 10.92 , 530i , 5spd auto transmission, M60B30 and i have an M62B44 (non vanos) engine and a 5 speed manual transmission , i want to know what other parts fits or can be keep for swapping M62 -5spd in e34?

The engine is from E38, i have the complete donor car, so i can take other parts from it, and the transmision (from e39 535i V8) already have a single mass aftermarket flywheel.

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I am not sure what the OBD standards were in Romania vs the US but the main thing people in the US worry about is crossing over the OBD I vs OBD II line. The M62 is an OBD II motor while the M60 is an OBD I motor. The differences are the amount of sensors and wiring and emissions system with OBD II having a more complex setup.

If those rules still apply to Romania, then you have three options:
  • M62 short block with M60 heads and OBD I
  • M62 with whole car conversion to OBD II
  • M62 with M60 front cover (for sensors and stuff) and engine conversion to OBD I

The easiest is to do the last one. That way you don't have to pull heads and create a hybrid. All you need is the front timing covers for the crank position sensor and cam position sensor. Then you need all the sensors off the M60 because the loom is different. The disadvantage of this is it keeps the M62 timing chain guide setup and uses a simplex chain.

If you want to do an m60b44 like what is in option 1, you need everything from the M60 except for the M62 block, pistons, rods, and crank. This one is where you pull your M60 heads and everything and slap it all on the M62 block. This is the best for power because you get higher compression and more aggressive cam profiles. The other advantage is that you get to use the M60 duplex chain and timing guide setup.

To see what is involved with the m60b44 process, check my 540i thread in my signature. I pretty much document the whole thing. Its a lot of work, but its not hard work.
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nothing else from the e38 is of any use to your swap.

all the clutch pedal items you'll need with be from an e34 manual trans car.
you'll need the driveshaft from an e34 v8 5-speed car, or have a custom one made.
you'll use the m60b30 motor mounts and i think you'll have to use the m60b30 exhaust manifolds instead of the m62 ones.
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The Dark Side of Will
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Go with M60B44 frankenmotor... higher compression, better ports and intake than the M62, but with the larger shotblock.
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