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Originally Posted by haaken675 View Post
I think some of my confusion has come from the fact that I just realized that depending on which computer I have been using, I have different versions of the megasquirt manual on them somehow...

Anyways, is this the best route for the ICV wiring? I'm willing to try this vs taking my harness apart as it doesn't look too difficult to accomplish.
That's not related to icv wiring problem you have and doesn't help in that. But you need to do that if you use any of the pwm outputs on ms3x card without external flyback diode. I have no idea why the ms3x card doesn't have that built in.

EDIT and let me explain why. The Fidle output has ZTX451 transistor which can drive up to 1 amp of current. If I remember correctly the ICV coil resistance is something about 10 to 20 ohms so the current at 14 volts can be dangerously close that 1 amp maximum or even more. That's why you need to use some other output that has more current driving capability.

The flyback diode is another thing that is needed many times when you need to switch current on/off from coil (like boost solenoid, relay, ICV valve etc.). Here's good explanation of that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXGtE3X2k7Y

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